Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on Everyday Life!!

Ok so I haven't done a new post in a couple days. We've been trying to list more things on ebay which if you want to check them out you can visit our page,, We've also been painting well my husband has anyways lol. He's almost got the whole house done =) We also had his Uncle over to fix some of the lights, we had a fuse that went bad and he came over and fixed it all for us, he used to be an electrician so he knew what he was doing, and we're very thankful for him for doing it, and to God for sending him over here. I've been really exhausted and tired lately, and Kenly's doing better at putting himself to sleep. He's also walking so much more, he's just growing up to fast. We have to start calling people to invite them to his party, and I also need to get out my lists and make sure I have everything written down that we need. I love to make lists they help me out so much =) My husbands car is also having some trouble he needs to get it fixed!! It's been raining so much here so it's been hard for me to get any laundry done, but it's ok I suppose we need the rain and God knows what he's doing, besides if given me a good excuse not to do the laundry hahahaha =) I started a channel on youtube, I've been doing a few vlogs there, and I have a video where I show a lot of what we sell on ebay. Here's the link to my youtube if you want to check out my videos on that Well I just thought I'd do an update and I'll try my best to keep up with my posts. Hope everyone is having a good day =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Update on Birthday Party Planning

So my son is eleven months old today, I can't believe how much time has gone by, he's learning new things everyday, and he's doing so much better putting himself to sleep, he hardly even cries anymore. He's doing so good with walking, and I've been trying to teach him some sign language. I've also been trying to get everything ready for his first birthday party, we have all the decorations we just need the food, guests , and stuff for the games. I have a list of all the games we're gonna play and all the food we're gonna have. I also have the idea for the cake, we're ordering it at the store cause I'm no good when it comes to making cakes. We have decided not to hand out invitations this time, cause we did for our babyshower and wedding and it seemed like a waste, nobody even cared if we got them or not, so we just made an event on facebook since the computer is the way to go lol and we're gonna call everyone. I just hope everyone that says they're coming do, and that we have enough food and such for everyone. Well that's all for this update, I'll update more as we come closer to the big day. Also I've started a youtube channel, mynewbeginnings1, the name on the youtube account is Heather Vega, you can watch updates there if you'd prefer to watch an update rather than read it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saddened by Athiest Posts

So I came across this facebook page about athiests, I wasn't searching for it but one of my friends put up a picture from there and it struck my curiosity when I saw the name of the page that the picture was from. So I took a look at the page and it just made me so sad that people would spend all their time like that bashing God. Do you not realize we will stand before him one day. Whether your time is up tomorrow or you live for many years you will stand before God. You're not gonna be getting smart with him or thinking that you're gonna cuss him out like all these silly pictures show, the bible says every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, so yes to all the non believers every includes you. God is Holy , He is mighty his mercy  and grace is great, that's why even though we are sinners he forgives us through his son. Even though you might bash him on facebook he's allowing you to still live. I'm not here to argue with any one, I refuse to argue with an athiest, I can tell you about Jesus Christ, but nobody will get me to question my faith, Jesus saved me, sure I still struggle with sin, but all that I once loved as a sinner I no longer love now, I don't feel the need to participate in sin, I don't want to have friends that want to do those things, I have a new love for Christ and I know one day I'll be in Heaven with him, so nothing or nobody on this earth will get me to stop believing. He saved me , he gave me a new heart. You can be saved too, don't worry about what's cool in this world cause in the end none of it will matter, all that matters is, is your heart right with God? Is Jesus Lord of your life. It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have we will all be judged by the same God, and he's not impressed with worldly things. For Heaven is much better than anything on this earth. You can't even imagine Heaven, for it is more beautiful than anything you can imagine. God is real and if you seek after him and believe you will find him. It just saddens me that people think it's cool to make pages bashing God, but you will be judged for all that you do. and wisdom to a man is foolishness to God, you might think your so smart but without God it's all just foolishness. You must run to Christ to be saved, religion won't save you, the sinner's prayer won't save you , only through Christs will we obtain eternal life. Don't waste your life on silly things of this world, but run to Christ, cling to him, he will save you. I would love for everyone to be saved, but I know that that's not reality, for there are some that their hearts are too evil to want to run to Christ, they hate God and therefore they cannot be saved. Hell is real, the bible is real and all your making fun of it and laughing at it won't make it any less real. You will stand before him someday, and you will be judged for every deed, word and thought. So don't think you won't. I'm begging you to run to Christ, I don't wish for anyone to go to Hell. Please cling to Christ, give up all you have and cling to him and be saved while your still alive. My prayers are for you all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Letting your baby Cry it out!

Ok so since my son has been really little we've always rocked him to sleep, but recently he started waking up every two hours wanting to be rocked back to sleep and every time we would put him in his crib he would wake back up. So I decided I'd let him cry himself to sleep but after listening to him cry for a little bit I couldn't do it. So last night he didn't sleep at all. He was tired and went to sleep when I was rocking him but as I tried to lay him in his crib he would wake up so I'd go back to rocking him, this went on for about two hours. I was really tired and my shoulder ached from holding him so I put him in his crib turned on baby first tv and just let him whine a little bit. I layed in my bed and after just a few minutes he finally went to sleep. Now today at nap time I did the same thing and didn't rock him at all and even though he still cried a little bit he did go to sleep. I don't want to make him cry it out for too long, but letting him learn to soothe himself is what I'm gonna do. He's waking up too much at night wanting to be rocked cause he doesn't know how to get back to sleep otherwise. I know some parents are against crying it out, and I am too if it goes on for too long, but letting your baby cry for a little while when they are tired and need to go to sleep is not a bad thing. He's actually sleeping better right now after putting himself to sleep, and when he woke up in the morning instead of crying like he usually does he woke up a happy baby. My son is almost eleven months old and when he was really little I didn't like to let him cry but as he's getting older I'm finding it's ok to let him cry a little bit. Not saying I'm letting him scream and leaving him in the room I don't agree to that , but letting him know I'm there for him and letting him cry I can handle. I do go in the room and try and calm him down, and that seems to help. So if you are like me and never let your baby cry at all it gets harder as they get older cause they know whenever they cry a little bit you'll come and get them, and for my son he stopped sleeping at night and just wanted me to rock him. This is just my opinion if you have any advice or questions feel free to leave a comment. Again I'm not saying to let your baby cry for hours I only let my son cry for a little bit maybe 10-15 minutes at the most. He's learning to soothe himself and that's what matters. Thanks for any advice anybody wants to give me to help let me know how to get my son to sleep all through the night. I could use some tips, and if you have any questions feel free to comment.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Check out our items!

So just to let everyone know my husband and I have started to sell things on ebay. We've sold a few things already and all our customers have been really satisfied with the item that they bought. We sell lots of different things such as, clothes for men, women and baby boys, baby blankets and other baby items, jewelry, purses, books, shoes, and more. So if you're looking for a gift for someone or just looking for a great bargain come visit our ebay page, vegasnewandusedfashion. We offer free shipping on selected items, I also make bows and stuff for shirts so if you have a certain color of shirt and ribbon give me the color and size you want and I can make it for you and sell it to you at a reasonable price. You can add me on facebook, Heather Vega, I have pictures on my facebook page of my ebay items, so go have a look and hope you find something you like. Also spread the word to your friends. We take really good care of our items, and have fast shipping. Thank you to all that read this and take a look at our page and share with friends, and thanks to all our customers that have bought from us. Your satisfaction is our top priority and if you have any questions feel free to email me or post a comment here.

Dealing with acid reflux in infant

When my son was about two weeks we noticed that he was having projectile vomiting and that he was always arching his back while feeding and he was really fussy and not sleeping very well. We talked to the doctor and he told us that our son had symptoms of acid reflux. He told us to go do a test to be sure but when we went to do the test they told us the machine for the test wasn't working, they also told us that our son would have to go about four hours without eating, at that time he was eating every two hours and making him go that long without eating was just insane, we ended up not being able to do the test. I went online and researched more about acid reflux and decided it was better to try things other than putting him on medication. I was breast feeding at the time so I changed my diet, it seemed to help a little bit but I was producing much milk and he was wanting to feed every hour so I ended up having to sup-limit with formula. We first tried giving him regular newborn formula but he just kept puking it up. Then we tried soy formula the ready to feed kind, with that he did a lot better he still puked it up but not too much. Later our doctor switched him to enfamil AR the ready to feed, it's a lot thicker than the powder and it seemed to do way better. We also were holding him in a sitting position when we fed him, and holding him for at least thirty minutes after eating, it was hard at night cause he was eating every two hours and I had to hold him for thirty minutes so I wasn't getting any sleep but I did what I had to do for my baby. After about six months his acid reflux seemed to clear up, now he's almost eleven months and has no symptoms at all, he hardly ever spits up unless he's trying to play after drinking milk which is normal. If your baby has acid reflux know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, they will over come it, just pray for patience cause it is really hard you don't get much sleep. We went through a lot of burp cloths as well I was washing them every other day, it was messy, especially in public when he would puke, or when we were driving if he got to upset he would puke. It was difficult seeing my son go through that but I prayed and he's much better now. I'm not sure if what I ate had anything to do with him getting acid reflux but I know next time I get pregnant I will definitely watch how much acidic foods I consume. For any parents that have a baby with acid reflux just know it will get better soon. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them.

Going into Two Years of Marriage

On the 25th of April my husband and I will be married for two years. We thank God everyday for all the things he's done for us and for each day he allows us to be together. My husband and I met 6 years ago and started dating and was together for 4 years before we got married. Four months after getting married we found out we were pregnant and now we're getting ready to celebrate our baby boy's first birthday. Our journey has not been an easy one, like all marriages we've had our ups and downs, and with a baby things can get stressful especially since my husband was working and a full time student. A lot of times I had to be alone with my son and it could get stressful especially since he wasn't sleeping at all through the night. With prayer and the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I have been able to get through it. I owe it all to Jesus, I can't take any credit. He took out my heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh, a heart that seeks him. Many people are confused as to what being saved really is. If you are truly saved your are regenerated, you won't want to do the things you once did. Sure you still struggle but people around you will see a difference. I've lost friends, people don't want to talk to me anymore because I don't talk perverted, or cuss or want to go out to the club and get drunk. I have lost friends but I've gained so much more in Jesus. I pray for all my friends and family that someday they will be saved, serving the Lord is the greatest gift ever.

Being a new mommy is such an amazing journey. My son was born in May, he had acid reflux and it was really hard seeing him go through that. We did a lot of different things to help try to make it easier for him. We didn't put him on any medication, instead we held him upright when feeding him, and held him for at least 30 minutes after he ate. I will do another blog talking all about that. He had teething symptoms from two months all the way till eight months when he finally got his teeth. Now just yesterday he started walking. He still needs practice but he's doing really good. Like any mom I got unwanted advice the best thing is too just listen and take it all in, whether you want to hear it or not they're going to tell you so the best thing is to not argue.

I'm going to end this post for now but if you have any questions or would like me to blog about anything specific feel free to email me or comment.

About New Beginnings

I've started this blog to talk about different life topics, from mommy hood, to marriage, to being a christian, My opinions are my opinions they are not to be taken as professional advice, if you have any questions feel free to contact me. My personal email is, you can ask me any questions as long as they are not too personal or perverted. I will not put up with perversion or people being immature, but if you are serious I will do my best to help you out. I'm also going to start a youtube channel and you can follow me on that if you wnat. We also sell on ebay so if you want to check out our items go to ebay and look for seller vegasnewandusedfashion, we sell stuff from baby items, clothes, jewelry, and more. This is just a post letting you know what my blog is about if you think you'll be interested then join me but if not that's ok.