Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dealing with acid reflux in infant

When my son was about two weeks we noticed that he was having projectile vomiting and that he was always arching his back while feeding and he was really fussy and not sleeping very well. We talked to the doctor and he told us that our son had symptoms of acid reflux. He told us to go do a test to be sure but when we went to do the test they told us the machine for the test wasn't working, they also told us that our son would have to go about four hours without eating, at that time he was eating every two hours and making him go that long without eating was just insane, we ended up not being able to do the test. I went online and researched more about acid reflux and decided it was better to try things other than putting him on medication. I was breast feeding at the time so I changed my diet, it seemed to help a little bit but I was producing much milk and he was wanting to feed every hour so I ended up having to sup-limit with formula. We first tried giving him regular newborn formula but he just kept puking it up. Then we tried soy formula the ready to feed kind, with that he did a lot better he still puked it up but not too much. Later our doctor switched him to enfamil AR the ready to feed, it's a lot thicker than the powder and it seemed to do way better. We also were holding him in a sitting position when we fed him, and holding him for at least thirty minutes after eating, it was hard at night cause he was eating every two hours and I had to hold him for thirty minutes so I wasn't getting any sleep but I did what I had to do for my baby. After about six months his acid reflux seemed to clear up, now he's almost eleven months and has no symptoms at all, he hardly ever spits up unless he's trying to play after drinking milk which is normal. If your baby has acid reflux know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, they will over come it, just pray for patience cause it is really hard you don't get much sleep. We went through a lot of burp cloths as well I was washing them every other day, it was messy, especially in public when he would puke, or when we were driving if he got to upset he would puke. It was difficult seeing my son go through that but I prayed and he's much better now. I'm not sure if what I ate had anything to do with him getting acid reflux but I know next time I get pregnant I will definitely watch how much acidic foods I consume. For any parents that have a baby with acid reflux just know it will get better soon. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them.

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