Thursday, April 19, 2012

Letting your baby Cry it out!

Ok so since my son has been really little we've always rocked him to sleep, but recently he started waking up every two hours wanting to be rocked back to sleep and every time we would put him in his crib he would wake back up. So I decided I'd let him cry himself to sleep but after listening to him cry for a little bit I couldn't do it. So last night he didn't sleep at all. He was tired and went to sleep when I was rocking him but as I tried to lay him in his crib he would wake up so I'd go back to rocking him, this went on for about two hours. I was really tired and my shoulder ached from holding him so I put him in his crib turned on baby first tv and just let him whine a little bit. I layed in my bed and after just a few minutes he finally went to sleep. Now today at nap time I did the same thing and didn't rock him at all and even though he still cried a little bit he did go to sleep. I don't want to make him cry it out for too long, but letting him learn to soothe himself is what I'm gonna do. He's waking up too much at night wanting to be rocked cause he doesn't know how to get back to sleep otherwise. I know some parents are against crying it out, and I am too if it goes on for too long, but letting your baby cry for a little while when they are tired and need to go to sleep is not a bad thing. He's actually sleeping better right now after putting himself to sleep, and when he woke up in the morning instead of crying like he usually does he woke up a happy baby. My son is almost eleven months old and when he was really little I didn't like to let him cry but as he's getting older I'm finding it's ok to let him cry a little bit. Not saying I'm letting him scream and leaving him in the room I don't agree to that , but letting him know I'm there for him and letting him cry I can handle. I do go in the room and try and calm him down, and that seems to help. So if you are like me and never let your baby cry at all it gets harder as they get older cause they know whenever they cry a little bit you'll come and get them, and for my son he stopped sleeping at night and just wanted me to rock him. This is just my opinion if you have any advice or questions feel free to leave a comment. Again I'm not saying to let your baby cry for hours I only let my son cry for a little bit maybe 10-15 minutes at the most. He's learning to soothe himself and that's what matters. Thanks for any advice anybody wants to give me to help let me know how to get my son to sleep all through the night. I could use some tips, and if you have any questions feel free to comment.

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