Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saddened by Athiest Posts

So I came across this facebook page about athiests, I wasn't searching for it but one of my friends put up a picture from there and it struck my curiosity when I saw the name of the page that the picture was from. So I took a look at the page and it just made me so sad that people would spend all their time like that bashing God. Do you not realize we will stand before him one day. Whether your time is up tomorrow or you live for many years you will stand before God. You're not gonna be getting smart with him or thinking that you're gonna cuss him out like all these silly pictures show, the bible says every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, so yes to all the non believers every includes you. God is Holy , He is mighty his mercy  and grace is great, that's why even though we are sinners he forgives us through his son. Even though you might bash him on facebook he's allowing you to still live. I'm not here to argue with any one, I refuse to argue with an athiest, I can tell you about Jesus Christ, but nobody will get me to question my faith, Jesus saved me, sure I still struggle with sin, but all that I once loved as a sinner I no longer love now, I don't feel the need to participate in sin, I don't want to have friends that want to do those things, I have a new love for Christ and I know one day I'll be in Heaven with him, so nothing or nobody on this earth will get me to stop believing. He saved me , he gave me a new heart. You can be saved too, don't worry about what's cool in this world cause in the end none of it will matter, all that matters is, is your heart right with God? Is Jesus Lord of your life. It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have we will all be judged by the same God, and he's not impressed with worldly things. For Heaven is much better than anything on this earth. You can't even imagine Heaven, for it is more beautiful than anything you can imagine. God is real and if you seek after him and believe you will find him. It just saddens me that people think it's cool to make pages bashing God, but you will be judged for all that you do. and wisdom to a man is foolishness to God, you might think your so smart but without God it's all just foolishness. You must run to Christ to be saved, religion won't save you, the sinner's prayer won't save you , only through Christs will we obtain eternal life. Don't waste your life on silly things of this world, but run to Christ, cling to him, he will save you. I would love for everyone to be saved, but I know that that's not reality, for there are some that their hearts are too evil to want to run to Christ, they hate God and therefore they cannot be saved. Hell is real, the bible is real and all your making fun of it and laughing at it won't make it any less real. You will stand before him someday, and you will be judged for every deed, word and thought. So don't think you won't. I'm begging you to run to Christ, I don't wish for anyone to go to Hell. Please cling to Christ, give up all you have and cling to him and be saved while your still alive. My prayers are for you all.

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