Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on Everyday Life!!

Ok so I haven't done a new post in a couple days. We've been trying to list more things on ebay which if you want to check them out you can visit our page,, We've also been painting well my husband has anyways lol. He's almost got the whole house done =) We also had his Uncle over to fix some of the lights, we had a fuse that went bad and he came over and fixed it all for us, he used to be an electrician so he knew what he was doing, and we're very thankful for him for doing it, and to God for sending him over here. I've been really exhausted and tired lately, and Kenly's doing better at putting himself to sleep. He's also walking so much more, he's just growing up to fast. We have to start calling people to invite them to his party, and I also need to get out my lists and make sure I have everything written down that we need. I love to make lists they help me out so much =) My husbands car is also having some trouble he needs to get it fixed!! It's been raining so much here so it's been hard for me to get any laundry done, but it's ok I suppose we need the rain and God knows what he's doing, besides if given me a good excuse not to do the laundry hahahaha =) I started a channel on youtube, I've been doing a few vlogs there, and I have a video where I show a lot of what we sell on ebay. Here's the link to my youtube if you want to check out my videos on that Well I just thought I'd do an update and I'll try my best to keep up with my posts. Hope everyone is having a good day =)

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