Sunday, May 6, 2012

So much to do, so little time =)

Ok so we are two weeks away from my son's first birthday party and my husband hasn't even started calling people to invite them. So far we only know of a few people that are coming, he has finals coming up and we are super busy. We are sort of selling on ebay but our sales aren't as good as we'd like them to be. If you are interested in a good deal and are looking for gifts for mother's day or just clothes or anything check out our ebay. I'll post the link in this post. Anyways we still have lots to buy for the games for the party and we need to get our butts in gear and get it all done. I just can't believe my baby is going to be a year old, he's growing so fast and learning so much. He knows how to unplug the tv so we had to move that away from his crib cause we have a tv in our room, yes he still sleeps in our room, because we only have one ac  and it's in our room, we need to get another one to put in his room but for now we deal with what we got. He also knows how to turn on the tv in the living room. He's doing really well with walking and starting to pick up on some of the signs that we've been teaching him. He is attached to both myself and his daddy =) We haven't even let him stay the night with anyone else since he's been born I just can't lol. Anyways that's the update for now hope to have more another day. Ebay Site  Click on this then follow the link =)

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